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             abstract = "We propose a novel, analytically tractable, scenario of the rogue 
                         wave formation in the framework of the small-dispersion focusing 
                         nonlinear Schr{\"o}dinger (NLS) equation with the initial 
                         condition in the form of a rectangular barrier (a box). We use the 
                         Whitham modulation theory combined with the nonlinear steepest 
                         descent for the semi-classical inverse scattering transform, to 
                         describe the evolution and interaction of two counter-propagating 
                         nonlinear wave trainsthe dispersive dam break flowsgenerated in 
                         the NLS box problem. We show that the interaction dynamics results 
                         in the emergence of modulated large-amplitude quasi-periodic 
                         breather lattices whose amplitude profiles are closely 
                         approximated by the Akhmediev and Peregrine breathers within 
                         certain space-time domain. Our semi-classical analytical results 
                         are shown to be in excellent agreement with the results of direct 
                         numerical simulations of the small-dispersion focusing NLS 
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