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                         Space Applications, Satellite Control System, Space Mission Cost, 
             abstract = "The Space Link Extension (SLE) protocol services establish 
                         activities, based on the Consultative Committee for Space Data 
                         Systems (CCSDS) for cross support recommendations, including 
                         Management Services for Data Transfer and SLE protocol services 
                         related to Telemetry and Telecommand. These services standards 
                         have been adopted by the different space agencies, such as: ESA, 
                         NASA, CNES, DLR, ASI, JAXA, INPE, to performing tracking and 
                         control of the spacecrafts. The SLE protocol services allowed the 
                         create and evolution the network services for cross support; the 
                         networking of terrestrial components comprises: Telemetry, 
                         Tracking and Command (TT\&C) Ground Stations (GS), Satellite 
                         Control Center (SCC), Mission Control Centers (MCC), Data 
                         Processing Centers and End Users, which requires an appropriate 
                         architecture to support them. This paper presents the results of 
                         the studies about SLE Protocol services and implementation of the 
                         an Architecture for Dynamic Management of the Space Link Extension 
                         Protocol Services which was applied as part of the system of the 
                         Satellite Control Center and the TT\&C Ground Stations at 
                         National Institute for Space Research (INPE). Basically this 
                         Architecture for Dynamic Management of the SLE Protocol Services 
                         allows: the dynamism for detection of redundancy between ground 
                         stations; the transparency in between switching stations, the 
                         transmission of the Telecommand and reception of data Telemetry, 
                         and the performance of the activities to communicate with 
                         spacecrafts and an augmented the capability for tracking and 
                         control. The considerations are presented for the development of 
                         prototypes and simulators needed the architecture according to 
                         CCSDS recommendations and to the implementation of architecture 
                         using current computing technologies based on the Internet SLE 
                         Protocol One (ISP1), also are presented the scenarios for the 
                         tests applied to the validation proposed architecture and the 
                         evaluation of results. The possible contributions and limitations 
                         of the proposed architecture, and suggestions for future works are 
                         also presented in this paper.",
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