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             abstract = "To describe potential intraspecific variation in phosphorus 
                         incorporation in two strains of Phaeodactylum tricornutum 
                         (Bohlin), Ub3 and Ub7, alkaline phosphatase (AP) activity was 
                         evaluated via enzyme-labeled fluorescence assay. Analysis using 
                         the probe ELF-97 (R) provides individual evaluation, and therefore 
                         can determine the nutritional status of inorganic phosphorus in 
                         phytoplanktonic cells. Bioassays compared the control treatment to 
                         both phosphate-enriched and phosphate-depleted treatments by 
                         varying only the phosphate concentration in the media. The P. 
                         tricornutum strains exhibited differences in their development 
                         when incubated in the phosphate-enriched media. The development of 
                         the Ub7 strain differed by exhibiting {"}luxury uptake{"} and 
                         utilization of organic phosphorus, and the alkaline phosphatase 
                         analysis indicated limitations of this clone under such 
                         conditions. The Ub7 strain showed higher AP activity, when 
                         compared to Ub3, in the P-enriched condition. P. tricornutum 
                         presented increases in AP activity and low variation in 
                         Surface/Volume ratio, by increasing biovolume and its maximum 
                         linear dimension, as strategies for phosphate incorporation. Our 
                         results highlight intraspecific differences in alkaline 
                         phosphatase activity, and hence differences in the incorporation 
                         of organic phosphorus, as the tested species regulated enzymatic 
                         activity under different external phosphate concentrations.",
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