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             abstract = "We report the results of detailed Monte Carlo simulations of the 
                         performance expected both at balloon altitudes and at the probable 
                         satellite orbit of a hard X-ray coded-aperture camera being 
                         developed for the Monitor e Imageador de RAios X (MIRAX) mission. 
                         Based on a thorough mass model of the instrument and detailed 
                         specifications of the spectra and angular dependence of the 
                         various relevant radiation fields at both the stratospheric and 
                         orbital environments, we have used the well-known package geant4 
                         to simulate the instrumental background of the camera. We also 
                         show simulated images of source fields to be observed and 
                         calculated the detailed sensitivity of the instrument in both 
                         situations. The results reported here are especially important to 
                         researchers in this field considering that we provide important 
                         information, not easily found in the literature, on how to prepare 
                         input files and calculate crucial instrumental parameters to 
                         perform geant4 simulations for high-energy astrophysics space 
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