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                         ultrathin films in a transverse magnetic field by numerical 
                         simulation of a Josephson-junction array model. Geometrical 
                         disorder due to the random location of nanoholes in the film 
                         corresponds to random flux in the array model. Monte Carlo 
                         simulation in the path-integral representation is used to 
                         determine the critical behavior and the universal resistivity at 
                         the transition as a function of disorder and average number of 
                         flux quanta per cell, f(o). The resistivity increases with 
                         disorder for noninteger f(o) while it decreases for integer f(o), 
                         and reaches a common constant value in a vortex-glass regime above 
                         a critical value of the flux disorder D-f(c). The estimate of 
                         D-f(c) and the resistivity increase for noninteger f(o) are 
                         consistent with recent experiments on ultrathin superconducting 
                         films with positional disordered nanoholes.",
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