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             abstract = "The study of radiation entrance and exit dynamics and energy 
                         consumption in a system is important for understanding the 
                         environmental processes that rule the biosphere-atmosphere 
                         interactions of all ecosystems. This study provides an analysis of 
                         the interaction of energy in the form of photosynthetically active 
                         radiation (PAR) in the Pantanal, a Brazilian wetland forest, by 
                         studying the variation of PAR reflectance and its interaction with 
                         local rainfall. The study site is located in Private Reserve of 
                         Natural Heritage, Mato Grosso State, Brazil, where the vegetation 
                         is a monodominant forest of Vochysia divergens Phol. The results 
                         showed a high correlation between the reflection of visible 
                         radiation and rainfall; however, the behavior was not the same at 
                         the three heights studied. An analysis of the hourly variation of 
                         the reflected waves also showed the seasonality of these phenomena 
                         in relation to the dry and rainy seasons. A predictive model for 
                         PAR was developed with a neural network that has a hidden layer, 
                         and it showed a determination coefficient of 0.938. This model 
                         showed that the Julian day and time of measurements had an inverse 
                         association with the wind profile and a direct association with 
                         the relative humidity profile.",
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