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             abstract = "This article is an account of the work done in the Mario Schenberg 
                         gravitational wave antenna up to date, focusing mainly in the 
                         participation of the Laboratrio de Estado Slido e Baixas 
                         Temperaturas (LESBT) do Instituto de Fisica da Universidade de S. 
                         Paulo. The text starts with an introduction describing the 
                         problem, the Brazilian project, and the participant institutions. 
                         This is followed by a description of the construction of the 
                         infrastructure, initial tests, and final basic assembly at the 
                         LESBT. Results are presented for the thermal and mechanical 
                         behaviors of the cryogenic system and for the development of 
                         active transducers in its various stages, culminating with the 
                         last version in which the project sensitivity of similar to 4 x 
                         10(-20) Hz(-1/2) was attained.",
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