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             abstract = "This work integrates geomorphological, sedimentological, and 
                         palynological data with radiocarbon dating, as well as C-13, N-15, 
                         and C/N from sedimentary organic matter to provide a model of 
                         mangrove dynamics during the evolution of a wave-dominated delta 
                         in Southeastern Brazil. Mangrove dynamics are analyzed within the 
                         context of millennial and secular climatic and sea-level changes. 
                         Tidal flats, positioned at highest limit of the intertidal zone 
                         along the edge of a lagoon sheltered by beach ridges, were 
                         occupied by wetlands represented by mangrove and herbaceous 
                         vegetation during the mid-Holocene high sea level. After 
                         considering the relative sea-level fall and relatively higher 
                         fluvial sediment discharge, during the last similar to 6350years, 
                         progradation took place along this shoreline, resulting in 
                         extensive beach ridge deposits that overlie transgressive muds. 
                         This process led to loss of mangrove area. Similar dynamics were 
                         repeated at similar to 3043cal. yr BP, although in a relatively 
                         more distal (i.e. seaward) position. Between similar to 1337 and 
                         similar to 900cal. yr BP, a tidal flat attached to the edge of a 
                         lagoon near the modern coastline was colonized by herbaceous 
                         vegetation (C4 plants). The next phase, which occurred between 
                         similar to 900 and similar to 400 or similar to 100cal. yr BP, is 
                         marked by the transition from herbaceous to mangrove tidal flats 
                         with an increased trend of terrestrial organic matter. During the 
                         recent centuries, a mangrove vegetation became established, and 
                         there was an increased trend of estuarine-derived organic matter. 
                         This mangrove phase, recorded during the last century(ies), may be 
                         due to a relative sea-level rise. Under this scenario, erosion of 
                         beach ridges and expansion of lagoons and mangroves are expected 
                         along the littoral of the State of Espirito Santo in Southeastern 
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