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             abstract = "Dielectric ceramics find application as dielectric resonators 
                         (DRs) in communications systems operating at microwave 
                         frequencies. RDs for this application require a unique set of 
                         properties: high value of the dielectric constant, low dielectric 
                         loss and high frequency stability. This paper presents an 
                         investigation of the correlation between the dielectric 
                         properties, the characteristics of microstructure and the 
                         crystalline phases of Ga2O3-doped ZnO-Nb2O5-TiO2 ceramic system. 
                         The ceramics sintered at 1200 C were characterized as for 
                         density, crystalline phases, microstructure and microwave 
                         dielectric properties. The results showed that these dielectric 
                         ceramics, obtained from the TiO2 anatase crystalline structure, 
                         present dielectric constant and quality factor (Q) values 
                         appropriate for their use as dielectric resonators in microwave 
                         circuits. According to the experiments, as the gallium doping has 
                         raised, the dielectric constant increased, the Q factor decreased 
                         and the temperature coefficient had a tendency to decrease to a 
                         certain extent.",
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