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                         Atmospheric Electric Field Mill Sensor (EFM) Network for 
                         standardized and continuous operation in the region of Sa{\~o} 
                         Jos{\'e} dos Campos, State of Sa{\~o} Paulo, Brazil, in order to 
                         collect and transmit real time data for studies of atmospheric 
                         electric field and support the development of a Lightning Warning 
                         System (LWS). Data collection equipments, including EFM sensors 
                         from different manufacturers, datalogger, telecommunication by 3G 
                         cellular modem and solar power energy subsystems and software were 
                         integrated. A set of graphs obtained by interpolating real time 
                         data collected by the integrated EFM network combined with 
                         lightning location data detected by the Brazilian Lightning 
                         Detection System (BrasilDAT) is also presented.",
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