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             abstract = "The Southern Atlantic rainforest is continuously suffering from 
                         wood extraction activity, which results in the increase of 
                         clearings within the forest. Although the direct impacts of 
                         deforestation on landscape are already well described, there is an 
                         absence of studies focused on the evaluation of its indirect 
                         effects, such as the increase of solar UV radiation levels inside 
                         forest environment and its consequences for forest specialist 
                         anuran species. The results presented in this work clearly show 
                         that the threatened tree frog species Hypsiboas curupi presents 
                         severe traits of sensitivity to UV wavelengths of sunlight, making 
                         it a vulnerable species to this environmental stressor, as well as 
                         a biological indicator of the quality of forest canopy coverage. 
                         In addition, the measurement of solar UVB and UVA radiation 
                         incidence upon H. curupi breeding site and the analyses of a 
                         20-year dataset of satellite images regarding the management of 
                         canopy coverage indicate that the photoprotection provided by 
                         trees of the Southern Atlantic rainforest is critical for the 
                         conservation of this forest specialist anuran species. Therefore, 
                         this work demonstrates that the deforestation process enhances the 
                         exposure of H. curupi embryos to solar UVB and UVA radiation, 
                         negatively affecting their embryonic development, inducing 
                         mortality and population decline.",
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