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             abstract = "In this Part I of a more general paper on the analysis of 
                         ionospheric irregularities over Brazilian territory, we apply the 
                         Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (DFA) method to evaluate in situ 
                         equatorial F-region plasma bubbles events carried out with a 
                         sounding rocket over equatorial region in Brazil. The range of 
                         scaling exponents derived from the DFA technique are compared to 
                         previous results obtained using Power Spectral Density (PSD) 
                         technique (which is widely used in this area despite its 
                         recognized inaccuracy to analyze short series). The results 
                         obtained in this first part of our investigation, using DFA, also 
                         show a wide range of spectral index variation with standard 
                         deviation of the same order found from the previous application 
                         using PSD (\σm\≫10%). Therefore, since the dependence 
                         of the technique are disregarded, our findings also supports that 
                         the observed lack of a universality class characterized by the 
                         nonexistence of a single spectral index (with 
                         \σm\≈2%) may be due to non-homogeneity energy 
                         cascades that can appear in the incoherent ionospheric turbulent 
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