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             abstract = "Electron density and temperature measurements were carried out 
                         with Langmuir probes (LP) on board Brazilian sounding rockets 
                         launched soon after the local sunset from Natal (5.8S, 35.2W, 
                         dip 23.7S) and Alc{\^a}ntara (2.3S, 44.4W, dip 7S), Brazil, 
                         on December 02, 2011, and December 08, 2012, respectively. 
                         Digisondes operating near the launching sites revealed a rapid 
                         rise in the F-region base indicating a probable pre-reversal 
                         enhancement of the vertical plasma drift. Strong spread-F traces 
                         are also visible on the ionograms simultaneously recorded, 
                         suggesting the occurrence of ionospheric bubbles during these 
                         campaigns. Electron density and temperature vertical profiles 
                         estimated from the LP data exhibit in the E-F region valley 
                         (120300 km) the presence of large-amplitude wave activity, and 
                         electron temperature values higher than 1600 K, respectively, 
                         phenomena probably related to the electrodynamic processes that 
                         occur during the sunset period.",
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