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             abstract = "The present work is the first of a three-part review on space 
                         weather in Latin America. It comprises the evolution of several 
                         Latin American institutions investing in space science since the 
                         1960s, focusing on the solarterrestrial interactions, which today 
                         is commonly called space weather. Despite recognizing advances in 
                         space research in all of Latin America, this review is restricted 
                         to the development observed in three countries in particular 
                         (Argentina, Brazil and Mexico), due to the fact that these 
                         countries have recently developed operational centers for 
                         monitoring space weather. The review starts with a brief summary 
                         of the first groups to start working with space science in Latin 
                         America. This first part of the review closes with the current 
                         status and the research interests of these groups, which are 
                         described in relation to the most significant works and challenges 
                         of the next decade in order to aid in the solving of space weather 
                         open issues.",
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