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             abstract = "Background: A Systematic Literature Review (SLR) is a methodology 
                         used to aggregate relevant evidence related to one or more 
                         research questions. Whenever new evidence is published after the 
                         completion of a SLR, this SLR should be updated in order to 
                         preserve its value. However, updating SLRs involves significant 
                         effort. Objective: The goal of this paper is to investigate the 
                         application of forward snowballing to support the update of SLRs. 
                         Method: We compare outcomes of an update achieved using the 
                         forward snowballing versus a published update using the 
                         search-based approach, i.e., searching for studies in electronic 
                         databases using a search string. Results: Forward snowballing 
                         showed a higher precision and a slightly lower recall. It reduced 
                         in more than five times the number of primary studies to filter 
                         however missed one relevant study. Conclusions: Due to its high 
                         precision, we believe that the use of forward snowballing 
                         considerably reduces the effort in updating SLRs in Software 
                         Engineering; however the risk of missing relevant papers should 
                         not be underrated.",
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