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             abstract = "This paper presents the comparison between the numerical and 
                         analytical results of a spacecraft attitude propagation for a 
                         spin-stabilized satellite. Some external torques are introduced in 
                         the equations of the motion and the comparisons are done 
                         considering that these torques are acting together, which are: 
                         gravity gradient, aerodynamic, solar radiation, magnetic residual 
                         and eddy current. In the numerical approach it is used the 
                         quaternion to represent the attitude. This numerical approach can 
                         be applied for any kind of satellite. The analytical approach is 
                         applied directly for a spin-stabilized satellite and the equations 
                         of motion are described in terms of the spin velocity, spin axis 
                         right ascension and declination angles. An analytical solution of 
                         these equations is presented and valid for one orbit period. 
                         Applications are developed considering the Brazilian 
                         spin-stabilized satellites SCD1 and SCD2. The comparisons are 
                         important to validate some simplifications that are required in 
                         the analytical approach. The results show that the average 
                         components of the external torque are sufficient to observe the 
                         main influence of the considered torques.",
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