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             abstract = "The analysis of cosmic ray intensity variation seen by muon 
                         detectors at Earth's surface can help us to understand 
                         astrophysical, solar, interplanetary and geomagnetic phenomena. 
                         However, before comparing cosmic ray intensity variations with 
                         extraterrestrial phenomena, it is necessary to take into account 
                         atmospheric effects such as the temperature effect. In this work, 
                         we analyzed this effect on the Global Muon Detector Network 
                         (GMDN), which is composed of four ground-based detectors, two in 
                         the northern hemisphere and two in the southern hemisphere. In 
                         general, we found a higher temperature influence on detectors 
                         located in the northern hemisphere. Besides that, we noticed that 
                         the seasonal temperature variation observed at the ground and at 
                         the altitude of maximum muon production are in antiphase for all 
                         GMDN locations (low-latitude regions). In this way, contrary to 
                         what is expected in high-latitude regions, the ground muon 
                         intensity decrease occurring during summertime would be related to 
                         both parts of the temperature effect (the negative and the 
                         positive). We analyzed several methods to describe the temperature 
                         effect on cosmic ray intensity. We found that the mass weighted 
                         method is the one that best reproduces the seasonal cosmic ray 
                         variation observed by the GMDN detectors and allows the highest 
                         correlation with long-term variation of the cosmic ray intensity 
                         seen by neutron monitors.",
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