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             abstract = "The present work is the second of a three-part review of space 
                         weather in Latin America, specifically observing its evolution in 
                         three countries (Argentina, Brazil and Mexico). This work 
                         comprises a summary of scientific challenges in space weather 
                         research that are considered to be open scientific questions and 
                         how they are being addressed in terms of instrumentation by the 
                         international community, including the Latin American groups. We 
                         also provide an inventory of the networks and collaborations being 
                         constructed in Latin America, including details on the data 
                         processing, capabilities and a basic description of the resulting 
                         variables. These instrumental networks currently used for space 
                         science research are gradually being incorporated into the space 
                         weather monitoring data pipelines as their data provides key 
                         variables for monitoring and forecasting space weather, which 
                         allow these centers to monitor space weather and issue watches, 
                         warnings and alerts.",
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