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                         applications on several research fields. Despite the potential of 
                         a neural network model, its performance is dependent on the 
                         definition of the parameters, since the definition of architecture 
                         (topology) can significantly influence the training process. Here, 
                         a technique for automatic configuration for a neural network is 
                         described as an optimization problem combining two different 
                         optimization schemes: a mono-objective minimization problem using 
                         Multi-Particle Collision Algorithm (MPCA), and a multiobjective 
                         minimization problem Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm 
                         (NSGA-II). The proposed optimization approaches were tested for 
                         the mesoscale seasonal climate prediction for precipitation. The 
                         meteorological data were processed by Rough Set Theory to extract 
                         relevant information to perform the climate prediction by neural 
                         network for the Southeast region of Brazil, with a reduced data 
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