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             abstract = "XIPE, the X-ray Imaging Polarimetry Explorer, is a mission 
                         dedicated to X-ray Astronomy. At the time of writing XIPE is in a 
                         competitive phase A as fourth medium size mission of ESA (M4). It 
                         promises to reopen the polarimetry window in high energy 
                         Astrophysics after more than 4 decades thanks to a detector that 
                         efficiently exploits the photoelectric effect and to X-ray optics 
                         with large effective area. XIPE uniqueness is 
                         time-spectrallyspatially-resolved X-ray polarimetry as a 
                         breakthrough in high energy astrophysics and fundamental physics. 
                         Indeed the payload consists of three Gas Pixel Detectors at the 
                         focus of three X-ray optics with a total effective area larger 
                         than one XMM mirror but with a low weight. The payload is 
                         compatible with the fairing of the Vega launcher. XIPE is designed 
                         as an observatory for X-ray astronomers with 75 % of the time 
                         dedicated to a Guest Observer competitive program and it is 
                         organized as a consortium across Europe with main contributions 
                         from Italy, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden.",
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