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             abstract = "The Large Observatory For x-ray Timing (LOFT) is a mission concept 
                         which was proposed to ESA as M3 and M4 candidate in the framework 
                         of the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 program. Thanks to the 
                         unprecedented combination of effective area and spectral 
                         resolution of its main instrument and the uniquely large field of 
                         view of its wide field monitor, LOFT will be able to study the 
                         behaviour of matter in extreme conditions such as the strong 
                         gravitational field in the innermost regions close to black holes 
                         and neutron stars and the supra-nuclear densities in the interiors 
                         of neutron stars. The science payload is based on a Large Area 
                         Detector (LAD, >8m2 effective area, 2-30 keV, 240 eV spectral 
                         resolution, 1 degree collimated field of view) and a Wide Field 
                         Monitor (WFM, 2-50 keV, 4 steradian field of view, 1 arcmin source 
                         location accuracy, 300 eV spectral resolution). The WFM is 
                         equipped with an on-board system for bright events (e.g., GRB) 
                         localization. The trigger time and position of these events are 
                         broadcast to the ground within 30 s from discovery. In this paper 
                         we present the current technical and programmatic status of the 
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