author = "Benincasa, Diego and Guerra, Eduardo Martins",
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                         the life cycle of the project",
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         organization = "Workshop de Computa{\c{c}}{\~a}o Aplicada, 16. (WORCAP)",
             abstract = "During a software system life cycle, project modifications occur 
                         for different reasons, either for natural evolution or requisites 
                         readjustment. Regarding web services, communication contracts 
                         modifications are equally usual, which induces the need for 
                         adaptation in every system node, from the client to the server 
                         side. The more significant those changes are, the greater the 
                         effort required for this adjustment. To help reducing the 
                         contracts changing impact over software source code, easy-to-adapt 
                         systems can be designed in order to minimize the application 
                         remodeling effort. However, to make this approach possible, it is 
                         necessary to understand how those contract changes occur, 
                         analyzing the most common modification types and how often they 
                         happen. In this sense, the present work evaluates the change 
                         history of different open-source projects whose web service 
                         contracts are defined using Web Service Description Language 
                         (WSDL) documents with XML Schema Definition (XSD). It is desirable 
                         that the results of this evaluation underpin modification patterns 
                         or tendencies in projects like defined before in order to carry on 
                         web services development. This work presents a study on analyzing 
                         XSD schemas and inspecting the evolution of three XSD tag types 
                         during the project life cycle, using the MetricMiner tool combined 
                         with XMLunit Java library. As a result, it was possible to 
                         evaluate the frequency of changes per tag type, classified by 
                         modification type. Based on that, it was possible to assess what 
                         exactly is changed inside the schemas at each commit. This outcome 
                         can possibly reveal contracts changing patterns and support 
                         easy-to-adapt web services implementation.",
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