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             abstract = "Ontology Extension is a Machine Learning (ML) technique commonly 
                         used to expand Knowledge Bases (KB). One approach in Machine 
                         Reading (MR) is to identify and add to the KB new relations that 
                         are frequently asserted in huge text data. These huge amount of 
                         data (not necessarily text) can also be referred as data hypercube 
                         because of its simple data structure and logic which represent the 
                         data in the (multiple) dimensions of interest. Co-occurrence 
                         matrices are used to structure the normalized values of 
                         co-occurrence between the contexts for each category pair to 
                         identify those context patterns. After the clustering phase, from 
                         each cluster arises a new possible relation. This work presents a 
                         new application to use this approach to expand the Ontology of 
                         Galaxies. Convolution Neural Networks (CNN) are deep neural 
                         networks appropriate to handle images. The main idea is to train, 
                         test and validate one CNN connected to a Support Vector Machine 
                         (SVM) - well known for its strong theoretical base and practical 
                         effiency - from Galaxy Zoo data warehousing; and apply this system 
                         (CNN with SVM) to classify new galaxies never seen before from the 
                         SLOAN database, and thus, to extend the ontology of galaxies.",
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