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             abstract = "We present distribution data of all Anguidae, Scincidae, and 
                         Teiidae lizards known from the Brazilian Amazonia, totaling 29 
                         species-level taxa, belonging to 14 genera. This represents 11 
                         more species-level taxa than previously reported for these 
                         families in this area. Data were based on literature and 46,806 
                         specimens deposited in three North American and eight Brazilian 
                         museums, including the main collections harboring Amazonian 
                         material. Most species (~55%) are endemic to Amazonia. Except for 
                         Ameiva ameiva, that is present in several environments and 
                         domains, non-endemic species are either associated with open dry 
                         (semideciduous) forest or open vegetation (savanna) enclaves in 
                         Amazonia, occupying similar environments outside Amazonia, gallery 
                         forests within the Cerrado, or present disjunct populations in the 
                         Atlantic Forest. As a whole, six taxa are widespread in Amazonia, 
                         four are restricted to eastern Amazonia, four to western Amazonia, 
                         three to southwestern Amazonia, one to northern Amazonia, and 
                         seven to the southern peripheral portion of Amazonia. Besides, two 
                         species present apparently more restricted, unique distributions. 
                         Only three species have a distribution that is congruent with one 
                         of the areas of endemism (AE) recognized for other organisms 
                         (birds and primates), of which two occur in AE Guiana and one in 
                         AE Inambari.",
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