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             abstract = "Observations have shown that several regions in space plasmas 
                         exhibit non-Maxwellian distributions with high energy superthermal 
                         tails. Kappa velocity distribution functions can describe many of 
                         these regions and have been used since the 60s. They suit well to 
                         represent superthermal tails in solar wind as well as to obtain 
                         plasma parameters of plasma within planetary magnetospheres. A set 
                         of initial velocities following kappa distribution functions is 
                         used in KEMPO1 particle simulation code to analyze the normal 
                         modes of wave propagation. Initial conditions are determined using 
                         observed characteristics for Saturnīs magnetosphere. Two electron 
                         species with different temperatures and densities and ions as a 
                         third species are used. Each electron population is described by a 
                         different kappa index. Particular attention is given to 
                         perpendicular propagation, Bernstein modes, and parallel 
                         propagation, Langmuir and electron-acoustic modes. The dispersion 
                         relation for the Bernstein modes is strongly influenced by the 
                         shape of the velocity distribution and consequently by the value 
                         of kappa index. Simulation results are compared with numerical 
                         solutions of the dispersion relation obtained in the literature 
                         and they are in good agreement.",
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