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             abstract = "The National Aeronautical and Space Administration Goddard Earth 
                         Science Data Information and Services Center (GES DISC) provides 
                         an aerosol reanalysis starting from year 1980 for the Second 
                         Modern-Era Retrospective analysis for Research and Applications 
                         (MERRA-2). Reanalysed products are used here to estimate the 
                         clear-sky aerosol direct radiative forcing for the Amazon Region 
                         over the period 2000-2015, using two methods previously applied in 
                         other papers. Both methods agree that the years 2005, 2007 and 
                         2010 show the bigger significance to estimates in this region. 
                         During dry season, in a location of amazon region, the radiative 
                         direct forcing at the top of atmosphere, average to all period, 
                         varied from -2.5 to -10 W/mē and at the surface from -10 to -36 
                         W/mē, with difference associated with absorption of sunlight by 
                         aerosol layer. Already in amazon region, the estimated varied from 
                         -1.5 to -7.5 W/mē at top of atmosphere and -6.5 to -21 W/mē at the 
                         surface. The spatial distribution of forcings over the Amazon 
                         showed that they affect a large area. This values show how much 
                         the aerosols can affect the energy balance, and consequently the 
                         regional circulation and the water budget in the Amazon Region. 
                         This was the first study of a long time series of clear-sky 
                         aerosol radiative forcing on the surface, atmosphere and top of 
                         the atmosphere in the Amazon.",
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