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             abstract = "Reservoirs are important in Brazil for the production of 
                         hydroelectric power and human water consumption. The objective was 
                         to evaluate the variability of total suspended solids (TSS) and 
                         chlorophyll-a as well as the rainfall/ temperature and land use 
                         impacts on these optically active constituents (OAC). The study 
                         area is the Passo Real reservoir in south Brazil. The methodology 
                         was divided in four steps. First, we used wavelet to detect 
                         anomalous periods of rainfall and temperature (2002-2014). Second, 
                         we carried out 12 field campaigns to obtain in situ measurements 
                         for limnological characterization (2009-2010). The third step was 
                         the analysis of Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer 
                         (MODIS)/Terra and Aqua satellites data corrected and non-corrected 
                         for bidirectional effects. Finally, we evaluated potential drivers 
                         of OAC changes over time using cross-correlation analysis. The 
                         results showed a decrease in the TSS and chlorophyll-a 
                         concentrations from the upper to the lower streams of the 
                         reservoir. The exponential regression between the MODIS red 
                         reflectance and TSS had an adjusted r(2) of 0.63. It decreased to 
                         0.53 for the relationship between the green reflectance and 
                         chlorophyll-a. MODIS data corrected for bidirectional effects 
                         provided better OAC estimates than non-corrected data. The 
                         validation of MODIS TSS and chlorophyll-a estimates using a 
                         separate set of measurements showed a RMSE of 2.98 mg/I and 2.33 
                         mu g/l, respectively. MODIS estimates indicated a gradual 
                         transition in OAC from the upper to the lower streams in agreement 
                         with the patterns observed using field limnological data. The 
                         analysis of land use (greenness) showed two well-defined crop 
                         cycles per year. The highest seasonal concentrations of TSS and 
                         chlorophyll-a were observed in December and the lowest 
                         concentrations in April. Despite the interrelationships between 
                         both factors, our cross-correlation analysis indicated that the 
                         great concentrations of TSS and chlorophyll-a were primarily 
                         controlled by rainfall and secondarily by land use.",
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