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             abstract = "This study investigated the leaching process in order to maximize 
                         Mg and Fe extraction and to produce amorphous silica (SiO2) with 
                         high purity. For this, a mining waste identified as S-GO was 
                         employed; which is a serpentinite rock with high lizardite 1T and 
                         native brucite contents. A Taguchi Experiment Design was used in 
                         order to assess the parameters that influence the leaching process 
                         such as: granulometry, hydrochloric acid concentration (HCl), 
                         leaching temperature, and mass/volume ratio. Furthermore, 
                         thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) was done to understand the 
                         interrelation between the mineral structure and leaching 
                         performance. Results show that lizardite 1T-bearing serpentinite 
                         presents a low content of tetrahedral Al3+ and high octahedral 
                         Fe3+ contents on S-GO. Native brucite delayed the formation of a 
                         hydrated silica layer and improved dissolution of serpentines. For 
                         this, Mg and Fe extractions are efficient, reaching 88 ▒ 2% of Mg 
                         and Fe extracted during the first 30 min of reaction, under mild 
                         process conditions: stoichiometric mass/volume ratio, 1M HCl 
                         concentration, pressure of 1 bar, temperature of 100 ░C, and 300 
                         \μm particle size. On the other hand, an excess of acid 
                         improves Mg and Fe extraction by only 10 ▒ 5% for S-GO. Such 
                         characteristics reduce energetic penalties and costs involved on 
                         indirect mineral carbonation processes by the pH swing method.",
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