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             abstract = "We report on the synthesis and electrochemical properties of 
                         diamond grown onto vertically aligned carbon nanotubes with high 
                         surface areas as a template, resulting in a composite material 
                         exhibiting high double-layer capacitance as well as low 
                         electrochemical impedance electrodes suitable for applications as 
                         supercapacitor devices. We contrast results from devices 
                         fabricated with samples which differ in both their initial 
                         substrates (Si and Ti) and their final diamond coatings, such as 
                         boron-doped diamond and diamond-like carbon (DLC). We present for 
                         first time a conducting model for non-doped DLC thin-films. All 
                         samples were characterized by scanning and transmission electron 
                         microscopy and Fourier transform infrared and Raman spectroscopy. 
                         Our results show specific capacitance as high as 8.25 F 
                         g\−1 (\∼1 F cm\−2) and gravimetric specific 
                         energy and power as high as 0.7 W h kg\−1 and 176.4 W 
                         kg\−1, respectively, which suggest that these 
                         diamond/carbon nanotube composite electrodes are excellent 
                         candidates for supercapacitor fabrication.",
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