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             abstract = "Titanium dioxide (TiO2) deposition was studied from an 
                         electrochemical process producing binary TiO2/CF (carbon fiber) 
                         and ternary TiO2/BDD/CF (boron doped diamond/carbon fiber) 
                         composites. Emphasis was given to control de TiO2 amount as a 
                         function of the deposition time for both binary and ternary 
                         composites, which influences the photoactivity responses. TiO2 
                         deposits were obtained by anodic hydrolysis of TiCl3 under 
                         potentiostatic mode at different deposition times, whereas BDD 
                         films were grown on CF by hot filament chemical vapor technique 
                         with high quality and crystallinity. Both composite materials were 
                         characterized by field emission gun-scanning electron microscopy 
                         (FEG-SEM) images, Raman spectroscopy, photoelectron X-ray 
                         spectroscopy (XPS), cyclic voltammetry (CV), electrochemical 
                         impedance spectroscopy (EIS), and photoelectrochemical response. 
                         FEG-SEM images depicted that the TiO2 coating homogeneities 
                         increased as the time deposition increased showing singular 
                         morphologies for both composites. The binary/ternary electrodes 
                         showed the controlled TiO2 anatase formation characterized by 
                         Raman and XPS spectra. The specific electrochemical surface area 
                         (SESA) was evaluated, from CV measurements, for all samples 
                         studied. SESA behavior associated with charge transfer resistance 
                         (Rct) values, evaluated from EIS, showed a great coherence for the 
                         photoactivity responses also correlated with FEG-SEM images.",
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