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             abstract = "The Borborema Province, in northeast Brazil, is a complex orogenic 
                         system severely affected by deformational, metamorphic, and 
                         magmatic processes mostly during the Gondwana convergence in late 
                         Neoproterozoicearly Phanerozoic Brasiliano/Pan-African Orogeny. 
                         New magnetotelluric (MT) data collected along the northwestern 
                         part of the province and eastern part of the contiguous 
                         Parna{\'{\i}}ba Basin are combined with previous MT data to 
                         assess the regional deep electrical resistivity structure. 
                         Dimensionality analysis shows that a 3D electrical structure 
                         predominates in the subsurface and thus 3D inversion was carried 
                         out. The final geoelectric model allows delineating the geometry 
                         and variation in physical properties of different lithospheric 
                         blocks bounded by major electrical discontinuities. These 
                         lithospheric blocks constitute a coalesced mosaic made up of four 
                         main terrane compartments: a resistive cratonic keel detected 
                         along the western part of the study area, currently hidden beneath 
                         the Parna{\'{\i}}ba Basin (Parna{\'{\i}}ba block); two complex 
                         domains in the center characterized by several resistive and 
                         conductive zones throughout the crust and upper mantle (Cear{\'a} 
                         Central and Rio Grande do Norte domains); and a conductive block 
                         in the east, with the geoelectric response being controlled by 
                         possible remains of late Neoproterozoic subduction activity to the 
                         south (Central sub-province). The interfaces between these blocks 
                         are interpreted as suture zones correlated to their Neoproterozoic 
                         collage, one curved conductor concealed by the sediments of the 
                         Parna{\'{\i}}ba Basin and bordering the eastern margin of the 
                         basin, another huge conductor corresponding to the location of the 
                         Or{\'o}s-Jaguaribe subdomain on the surface, and a third 
                         interface coinciding with the position of the Patos shear zone. 
                         The presence of these proposed sutures could be a conspicuous 
                         evidence of a Neoproterozoic accretion system in northeast Brazil 
                         and would support tectonic evolution models for the West Gondwana 
                         assembly involving oceanic closure and collision of continental 
                         blocks during the Brasiliano Orogeny.",
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