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             abstract = "A compact solution for onboard tolerant image compression is 
                         studied and the effectiveness of the soft-error mitigation 
                         strategy is evaluated by using a simulation-based susceptibility 
                         analysis method. The low complexity JPEG-LS compression algorithm 
                         allows considering medium-size flash or antifuse COTS FPGAs as a 
                         target for future use in small satellites. Fault mitigation 
                         methods, like Triple Modular Redundancy and Hamming code, with 
                         scrubbing to mitigate residual error accumulation, were selected 
                         taking into account operation in LEO space missions. The results 
                         point out the viability of implementing a tolerant image 
                         compression system in a single device with two orders-of-magnitude 
                         reduction in the susceptibility estimate based on a non-tolerant 
                         reference VHDL code. The effectiveness of the mitigation strategy, 
                         the injection model accuracy and possible improvements are 
                         discussed herein.",
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