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             abstract = "Mesosphere/lower thermosphere winds obtained by meteor radar over 
                         Cachoeira Paulista (22.7░ S, 45.0░ W), Brazil, have been used to 
                         investigate the interannual variability of the diurnal tidal (DT) 
                         wind amplitude. The monthly DT displays year to year variations 
                         and their amplitudes are strongest during the westerly phase of 
                         the quasi-biennial oscillation (QBO) at the 30 hPa level. This can 
                         be observed in all seasons in the meridional component, whilst in 
                         the zonal component the signal is clearer during austral autumn, 
                         when the diurnal tide is strongest in this latitude. The spectrum 
                         obtained from the deseasonalized amplitudes shows a peak near 26 
                         months in the meridional component, which can be associated to the 
                         stratospheric QBO. The QBO modulation of the DT amplitude shows a 
                         quasi-decadal variation, and it is stronger during the maximum of 
                         the solar cycle.",
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