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             abstract = "Background This study aims to describe the role of mobility in 
                         malaria transmission by discussing recent changes in population 
                         movements in the Brazilian Amazon and developing a flow map of 
                         disease transmission in this region. Methodology/Principal 
                         findings This study presents a descriptive analysis using an 
                         ecological approach on regional and local scales. The study 
                         location was the municipality of Porto Velho, which is the capital 
                         of Rond{\^o}nia state, Brazil. Our dataset was obtained from the 
                         official health database, the population census and an 
                         environmental database. During 2000-2007 and 2007-2010, the Porto 
                         Velho municipality had an annual population growth of 1.42% and 
                         5.07%, respectively. This population growth can be attributed to 
                         migration, which was driven by the construction of the Madeira 
                         River hydroelectric complex. From 2010 to 2012, 63,899 
                         malariapositive slides were reported for residents of Porto Velho 
                         municipality; 92% of the identified samples were autochthonous, 
                         and 8% were allochthonous. The flow map of patients' movements 
                         between residential areas and areas of suspected infection showed 
                         two patterns of malaria transmission: 1) commuting between 
                         residential areas and the Jirau hydropower dam reservoir, and 2) 
                         movements between urban areas and farms and resorts in rural 
                         areas. It was also observed that areas with greater occurrences of 
                         malaria were characterized by a low rate of deforestation. 
                         Conclusions The Porto Velho municipality exhibits high malaria 
                         endemicity and plays an important role in disseminating the 
                         parasite to other municipalities in the Amazon and even to 
                         non-endemic areas of the country. Migration remains an important 
                         factor for the occurrence of malaria. However, due to recent 
                         changes in human occupation of the Brazilian Amazon, characterized 
                         by intense expansion of transportation networks, commuting has 
                         also become an important factor in malaria transmission. The 
                         magnitude of this change necessitates a new model to explain 
                         malaria transmission in the Brazilian Amazon.",
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