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                         techniquespower transformation and gamma distribution 
                         adjustmentfor Eta regional climate model (RCM) precipitation 
                         simulations. For the gamma distribution adjustment, the number of 
                         dry days is not taken as a fixed parameter; rather, we propose a 
                         new methodology for handling dry days. We consider two cases: the 
                         first case is defined as having a greater number of simulated dry 
                         days than the observed number, and the second case is defined as 
                         the opposite. The present climate period was divided into 
                         calibration and validation sets. We evaluate the results of the 
                         two bias correction techniques using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov 
                         nonparametric test and the sum of the differences between the 
                         cumulative distribution curves. These tests show that both 
                         correction techniques were effective in reducing errors and 
                         consequently improving the reliability of the simulations. 
                         However, the gamma distribution correction method proved to be 
                         more efficient, particularly in reducing the error in the number 
                         of dry days.",
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