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             abstract = "The present study aimed to evaluate the relationship between the 
                         physical properties of the soil and relief in areas that are 
                         susceptible to landslides in the sub-basin of the C{\'o}rrego do 
                         Yung, a creek in the urban district Tr{\^e}s Moinhos of Juiz de 
                         Fora, Minas Gerais. Depth measurements of the solum were made at 
                         the soil sampling points, and the subsurface material was 
                         collected and analyzed for the two factors of particle size and 
                         type of horizon. In the laboratory, we determined the hydraulic 
                         conductivity, bulk and particle density, and total porosity, 
                         macroporosity and microporosity. The values of the physical 
                         properties throughout the sub-basin were predicted and mapped. 
                         Thematic maps were generated and showed a relation to each other: 
                         the clay was related to a higher hydraulic conductivity, higher 
                         porosity and lower soil density. In the steeper areas, the greater 
                         silt contents were mapped in the deeper layers and indicated the 
                         thin thickness of horizon B in these areas. A close relation of 
                         the curvature with the soil thickness was detected and was greater 
                         in the flat areas with less slope. The geostatistical analysis 
                         showed that the range of values for the properties of 
                         macroporosity, microporosity and silt was the lowest in the deeper 
                         layers, indicating low structural continuity in potentially 
                         erodible areas.",
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