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             abstract = "A porous electrode material combining the features of vertically 
                         aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes (VAMWCNT) and diamond-like 
                         carbon films (DLC) have been developed for a highly sensitive 
                         electrochemical sensor. For working electrode preparation, DLC has 
                         been grown onto VAMWCNT, forming a porous, conductive and stable 
                         composite. The electrochemical performance of this DLC:VAMWCNT 
                         electrode has been investigated toward detection and analysis of 
                         three well-known molecules, namely paracetamol, codeine and 
                         caffeine. A ternary mixture of these analytes was simultaneously 
                         determined under optimum experimental conditions using square-wave 
                         voltammetry. Wide linear concentration ranges and the limits of 
                         detection of 3.34x10(-7)molL(-1), 1.57x10(-7)molL(-1) and 
                         3.67x10(-7)molL(-1) were obtained for paracetamol, codeine and 
                         caffeine, respectively. We conclude that the proposed voltammetric 
                         method and the DLC:VAMWCNT electrode comprise a reliable 
                         methodology for simultaneous determination of paracetamol, codeine 
                         and caffeine in biological matrix samples.",
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