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                         M similar to 1M(circle dot), highly magnetized white dwarfs (WDs) 
                         with surface magnetic fields up to B similar to 10(9) G. We show 
                         that, if in addition to these features, the star is fast rotating, 
                         it can become a rotation-powered pulsar-like WD and emit 
                         detectable high-energy radiation. We infer the values of the 
                         structure parameters (mass, radius, moment of inertia), magnetic 
                         field, rotation period and spin-down rates of a WD pulsar 
                         death-line. We show that WDs above the death-line emit blackbody 
                         radiation in the soft X-ray band via the magnetic polar cap 
                         heating by back flowing pair-created particle bombardment and 
                         discuss as an example the X-ray emission of soft gamma-repeaters 
                         and anomalous X-ray pulsars within the WD model.",
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