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             abstract = "Diffusion flames established in inert porous media have been 
                         reported to present temperatures lower than a comparable gaseous 
                         mixture. Therefore, the study of the flame structure, temperature 
                         and extinction limits of confined diffusion flames is of 
                         importance. In the present work we discuss extinction conditions 
                         for such flames. Using an asymptotic model that accounts for the 
                         excess/deficient enthalpy at the reaction region, we study the 
                         multiscale problem and analyze the effects of the heat exchange 
                         between gas and solid phases on the flame structure. When the heat 
                         removed from the flame by the solid matrix is large, the flame can 
                         extinguish because the lowering in the flame temperature leads to 
                         increasingly large leakage of reactants through the flame sheet. 
                         We show that this occurs when the porosity or the mass injection 
                         rate is small enough. The extinction limit associated with a small 
                         value of the mass injection rate adds to the kinetic extinction 
                         limit (which is associated with a large value of the mass 
                         injection rate) to characterize a dual-extinction-point behavior 
                         for this problem. When the porosity of the medium reaches a 
                         minimum critical value, these two distinct extinction points 
                         collapse, such that for porosities lower than the critical 
                         porosity no flame can be established inside the porous chamber. 
                         Then, it is possible to construct a flammability map for the 
                         confined diffusion flame, where the critical porosity defines an 
                         absolute flammability limit.",
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