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                         the conceptualization, analysis and monitoring of land systems. 
                         These advances shift from a focus on the relationships between 
                         forests and other land uses to include a greater diversity of land 
                         cover and land-use types and the processes and interactions that 
                         link them. We then provide a biome-level typology of 
                         social-ecological land systems (SELS) as an approach to help 
                         connect local-level realities to regional processes and we discuss 
                         how this approach can help to design more socially inclusive land 
                         systems. We also discuss the increased role of distant 
                         socio-economic and ecological interactions that connect these SELS 
                         to global processes. Combined, these insights support a research 
                         agenda for land system science in the region that can develop more 
                         accurate and integrative monitoring of land change and their 
                         social and ecological consequences, better understand different 
                         stakeholder perspectives within a context of livelihood 
                         diversification, and encourage institutional feedbacks to govern 
                         land systems influenced by distant drivers.",
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