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             abstract = "The Southern Brazilian Continental Shelf (SBCS) is one of the more 
                         productive areas for fisheries in Brazilian waters. The water 
                         masses and the dynamical processes of the region present a very 
                         seasonal behavior that imprint strong effects in the ecosystem and 
                         the weather of the area and its vicinity. This paper makes use of 
                         the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) for studying the water 
                         mass distribution and circulation variability in the SBCS during 
                         the year of 2012. Model outputs were compared to in situ, 
                         historical observations and to satellite data. The model was able 
                         to reproduce the main thermohaline characteristics of the waters 
                         dominating the SBCS and the adjacent region. The mixing between 
                         the Subantarctic Shelf Water and the Subtropical Shelf Water, 
                         known as the Subtropical Shelf Front (STSF), presented a clear 
                         seasonal change in volume. As a consequence of the mixing and of 
                         the seasonal oscillation of the STSF position, the stability of 
                         the water column inside the SBCS also changes seasonally. Current 
                         velocities and associated transports estimated for the Brazil 
                         Current (BC) and for the Brazilian Coastal Current (BCC) agree 
                         with previous measurements and estimates, stressing the fact that 
                         the opposite flow of the BCC occurring during winter in the study 
                         region is about 2 orders of magnitude smaller than that of the BC. 
                         Seasonal maps of simulated Mean Kinetic Energy and Eddy Kinetic 
                         Energy demonstrate the known behavior of the BC and stressed the 
                         importance of the mean coastal flow off Argentina throughout the 
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