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             abstract = "The objective of the present paper is to investigate the zero 
                         velocity curves, using the Jacobi constantC, and to determine the 
                         positions of the libration points in the restricted synchronous 
                         three-body problem. To perform this task, it is necessary to 
                         obtain the equations of motion of a negligible mass traveling in a 
                         system composed of two other massive bodies. One of them is 
                         assumed to have a spherical shape, while the other one is 
                         irregular shaped and modeled as a rotating mass dipole. The 
                         locations of the equilibrium points are determined and then, for 
                         several values C of the Jacobi constant, the boundary regions are 
                         obtained where the motion of the particle is allowed. The zero 
                         velocity curves are plotted. Next, the stability of these 
                         equilibrium points examined, including the collinear and 
                         non-collinear ones. It is found that the collinear points are 
                         unstable and the non-collinear ones are linearly stable for lower 
                         values of the mass parameter. A comparison with the equivalent 
                         results for the dynamics considering three points of mass is made, 
                         to emphasize the influence of the elongation of one of the 
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