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             abstract = "We present results of Capon's method for estimation of in-beam 
                         images of ionospheric scattering structures observed by a small, 
                         low-power coherent backscatter interferometer. The radar 
                         interferometer operated in the equatorial site of S{\~a}o 
                         Lu{\'{\i}}s, Brazil (2.59\ĝS, 44.21\ĝW, 
                         \ĝ'2.35 dip latitude). We show numerical simulations that 
                         evaluate the performance of the Capon method for typical F region 
                         measurement conditions. Numerical simulations show that, despite 
                         the short baselines of the S{\~a}o Lu{\'{\i}}s radar, the Capon 
                         technique is capable of distinguishing localized features with 
                         kilometric scale sizes (in the zonal direction) at F region 
                         heights. Following the simulations, we applied the Capon algorithm 
                         to actual measurements made by the S{\~a}o Lu{\'{\i}}s 
                         interferometer during a typical equatorial spread F (ESF) event. 
                         As indicated by the simulations, the Capon method produced images 
                         that were better resolved than those produced by the Fourier 
                         method. The Capon images show narrow (a few kilometers wide) 
                         scattering channels associated with ESF plumes and scattering 
                         regions spaced by only a few tens of kilometers in the zonal 
                         direction. The images are also capable of resolving bifurcations 
                         and the C shape of scattering structures.",
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