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             abstract = "The critical interaction between the magnetosphere and ionosphere 
                         during intense geomagnetic storms continues to be important to 
                         space weather studies. In this investigation, we present and 
                         discuss the ionospheric F-region observations in the equatorial, 
                         low- and mid-latitude regions in both hemispheres over American 
                         sector during the intense geomagnetic storm on 0103 June 2013. The 
                         geomagnetic storm reached a minimum Dst of \−119 nT at 0900 
                         UT on 01 June. For this investigation, we present vertical total 
                         electron content (VTEC) and phase fluctuations (in TECU/min) from 
                         a chain of 10 GPS stations and the ionospheric parameters foF2 and 
                         h\′F from a chain of 4 digital ionosonde stations, covering 
                         from equatorial to mid-latitudes regions over American sector 
                         during the entire storm-time period 31 May03 June 2013. In 
                         addition, the plasma density observed from DMSP satellites is 
                         presented. The results obtained show that during the sudden 
                         impulse/SSC and throughout the main phase of the storm, a large 
                         positive phase was observed in mid-latitudes of the northern 
                         hemisphere, which could be due to changes in the thermospheric 
                         wind circulation. On the other hand, in the mid-latitudes of the 
                         southern hemisphere, no deviations are observed in VTEC and foF2 
                         when compared to the quiet period. During the long recovery phase 
                         of the storm on 0102 June, a north-south asymmetry is observed in 
                         the F-region. The study confirms the dominant role of the 
                         thermospheric winds on north-south asymmetry in the ionospheric 
                         F-region. The ionospheric irregularities are found to be confined 
                         in the equatorial region, of the bottomside spread-F type, before 
                         and during the geomagnetic storm. It shows that the geomagnetic 
                         storm did not affect the generation or suppression of ionospheric 
                         irregularities at the stations investigated.",
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