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             abstract = "A novel platform for electroanalysis of isoniazid based on 
                         graphene-functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotube as support 
                         for iron phthalocyanine (FePc/f-MWCNT) has been developed. The 
                         FePc/f-MWCNT composite has been dropped on glassy carbon forming 
                         FePc/f-MWCNT/GC electrode, which is sensible for isoniazid, 
                         decreasing substantially its oxidation potential to +200 mV vs 
                         Ag/AgCl. Electrochemical and electroanalytical properties of the 
                         FePc/f-MWCNT/GC-modified electrode were investigated by cyclic 
                         voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, scanning 
                         electrochemical microscopy, and amperometry. The sensor presents 
                         better performance in 0.1 mol L\−1 phosphate buffer at pH 
                         7.4. Under optimized conditions, a linear response range from 5 to 
                         476 \μmol L\−1 was obtained with a limit of detection 
                         and sensitivity of 0.56 \μmol L\−1 and 0.023 
                         \μA L \μmol\−1, respectively. The relative 
                         standard deviation for 10 determinations of 100 \μmol 
                         L\−1 isoniazid was 2.5%. The sensor was successfully 
                         applied for isoniazid selective determination in simulated body 
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