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             abstract = "We present the first multi-viewpoint coronal mass ejection (CME) 
                         catalog. The events are identified visually in simultaneous total 
                         brightness observations from the twin SECCHI/COR2 coronagraphs on 
                         board the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory mission. The 
                         Multi-View CME Catalog differs from past catalogs in three key 
                         aspects: (1) all events between the two viewpoints are 
                         cross-linked, (2) each event is assigned a physics-motivated 
                         morphological classification (e.g., jet, wave, and flux rope), and 
                         (3) kinematic and geometric information is extracted 
                         semi-automatically via a supervised image segmentation algorithm. 
                         The database extends from the beginning of the COR2 synoptic 
                         program (2007 March) to the end of dual-viewpoint observations 
                         (2014 September). It contains 4473 unique events with 3358 events 
                         identified in both COR2s. Kinematic properties exist currently for 
                         1747 events (26% of COR2-A events and 17% of COR2-B events). We 
                         examine several issues, made possible by this cross-linked CME 
                         database, including the role of projection on the perceived 
                         morphology of events, the missing CME rate, the existence of cool 
                         material in CMEs, the solar cycle dependence on CME rate, speeds 
                         and width, and the existence of flux rope within CMEs. We discuss 
                         the implications for past single-viewpoint studies and for Space 
                         Weather research. The database is publicly available on the web 
                         including all available measurements. We hope that it will become 
                         a useful resource for the community.",
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