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                         astrochemistry. We studied the pathways of this addition to 
                         produce CCCN and estimated its reaction rate using the Master 
                         Equation in the circumstellar environment. From the results of 
                         this study, it was possible to show that a different pathway in 
                         the Surface Potential Energy-PES can also be investigated. In a 
                         circumstellar envelop environment, with temperatures varying 
                         between 1000 K and 2000 K, the abundances of these species are 
                         favorable to this kind of addition, and our branching ratio for 
                         the rate constant showed that the new pathway is more favorable in 
                         comparison with other possibilities for this range of temperatures 
                         in this environment, and must be taken into account in any 
                         computation of the rate constant.",
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