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             abstract = "Porous boron-doped diamond (p-BDD) electrodes were prepared and 
                         explored as a potential electrochemical sensor for applications in 
                         flow-injection analysis (FIA) coupled to amperometric detection 
                         systems. Porous BDD films were grown by Hot Filament Chemical 
                         Vapor Deposition (HFCVD) over oxygen plasma functionalized carbon 
                         nanotubes and, morphological and chemical characterizations of the 
                         obtained composite material were carried out by Field Emission Gun 
                         Scanning Electron Microscopy (FEG-SEM) and Raman spectroscopy. The 
                         analytical performance of the designed p-BDD electrode under FIA 
                         conditions was investigated using two model electroactive 
                         analytes, epinephrine (EP, an important neurotransmitter) and 
                         acetaminophen (AC, a commonly consumed analgesic). All 
                         experimental parameters, such as applied potential, flow-rate and 
                         injection volume for both analytes were optimized. Under the best 
                         experimental conditions, the analytical curves for EP and AC were 
                         linear from 0.60 to 30.0 \μmol L\− 1 (EP) and from 
                         0.80 to 70.0 \μmol L\− 1 (AC), with detection limits 
                         of 0.50 \μmol L\− 1 and 0.70 \μmol L\− 1 
                         for EP and AC, respectively. Measurement precision was 
                         demonstrated from a number of amperometric measurements performed 
                         for successive injections of standard AC and EP solutions. In 
                         addition, the applicability of the developed FIA procedure was 
                         reported for the AC and EP determination in human serum fluid.",
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