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             abstract = "The present paper studies the powered Swing-By maneuver when 
                         performed in an elliptical system of primaries. It means that 
                         there is a spacecraft travelling in a system governed by the 
                         gravity fields of two bodies that are in elliptical orbits around 
                         their center of mass. The paper particularly analyzes the effects 
                         of the parameters relative to the Swing-By (Vinf-,rp,\ψ), 
                         the orbit of the secondary body around the primary one 
                         (e,\ν) and the elements that specify the impulse applied 
                         (\δV,\α) to the spacecraft. The impulse is applied 
                         when the spacecraft passes by the periapsis of its orbit around 
                         the body, where it performs the Swing-By, with different 
                         magnitudes and directions. The inclusion of the orbital 
                         eccentricity of the primaries in this problem makes it closer to 
                         reality, considering that there are many known systems with 
                         eccentricities different from zero. In particular, there are 
                         several moons in the Solar System which orbits are not circular, 
                         as well as some smaller bodies, like the dwarf planet Haumea and 
                         its moons, which have eccentricities of 0.25 or even larger. The 
                         behavior of the energy variation of the spacecraft is shown in 
                         details, as well as the cases where captures and collisions occur. 
                         The results show the conditions that optimize this maneuver, 
                         according to some given parameters, and how much can be obtained 
                         in terms of gains or losses of energy using the best conditions 
                         found by the algorithm developed here.",
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