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             abstract = "Although there are several Single-Event Upset (SEU) mitigation 
                         techniques for SRAM-based Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), 
                         comparisons are still necessary regarding dependability analyzes 
                         of these techniques. Most of these assessments analyze the 
                         techniques after design and implementation in FPGA which may be 
                         too costly. Stochastic/Probabilistic analysis allow to obtain 
                         results in the early stages of design. In this paper, we compare 
                         three of these strategies, Scrubbing, Triple Modular Redundancy 
                         (TMR), and Hamming code, via Probabilistic Model Checking. Results 
                         show that TMR allows upsets to accumulate and must be combined 
                         with Error Correction Codes (ECCs), such as Hamming, and that the 
                         Scrubbing interval directly affects reliability while safety is 
                         more related to the coverage rate.",
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